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Hand Solar City and the others are used these numbers in the evaluation toucan outsource your biggest input in a discounted cash flow valuation the biggest input in a discarded casual evaluation is not the discounted cash flows and the fact that they coming from Goldman sates equity research on the part of Tesla and solar city itself suggests to me that these cash flows are bias judgments so you’re starting off with raw numbers that are not believable and the hi jinks in the terminal value.

I mean I’ve talked about the leaves are problem but six to eight percent growth in perpetuity you think it’s difference of opinion if us to my twenty Property Valuations Melbourne percent revenue growth for the next five years and I assume five that’s a difference of opinion if you assume axis to eight percent growth rate in perpetuity in an economy where the risk-free rate is one-and-a-half percent inflation is close to zero and real growth is one percent one-and-a-half percent that’s not a difference of opinion that’s not since.

it’s impossibles what’s the verdict well as i said I’m going about judgment i find guilty a blizzard guilty of laziness absolutely shameless plugging in discount rate into somebody spreadsheets and calling it evaluation and signing off on it just plain lazy and getting paid to million-plus his outlandish it doesn’t make any sense tome ever course evaluations have all the laziness in the lizard valuations plus awhile lot of incompetent you see bad assumptions pylon impossible it in these evaluations that suggests to me that the bankers involved in the Attic evaluations either have forgotten basic valuation of the just don’t care Goldman is a mystery and the unstated investment bank the only time it show sup in these.